Salvation on the Small Screen?

This week I have been reading Nadia Bolz-Weber’s new book, “Salvation on the Small Screen? 24 Hours of Christian Television”.

I have been finding it enlightening, frightening and funny in equal measure. Enlightening because our exposure to this sort of television is minimal in Australia (I get most of my exposure from YouTube) and so Salvation on the Small Screen is a window into another world. Frightening because … well … that world is just scary, damn scary. Funny because I am enjoying Nadia’s wit and can just imagine sitting with her friends in her lounge room making many of the same observations.

And the observation that stood out for me most was one Nadia came back to a couple of times: just what makes something “Christian”? In some ways I wish she had delved into this deeper as I think it goes to the heart of everything. But it is a difficult question to grapple with – as are the implications.

What I think I appreciated most was Nadia’s efforts to learn from her theological counterparts and sift some wheat from the chaff; to find some salvation on the small screen. I found that effort doubly interesting as Nadia is obviously more liberal and liturgical than I am, yet, evangelical as I am, I struggle no less with televangelism style Christianity. It’s very glocal to seek wisdom through engagement with traditions very different to your own. Televagelist tradition through, man that’s a tough gig.

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