Latest book acquisitions

Kentigern, an independent Christian bookstore near me, had a massive sale today with 30% off all books. I couldn’t resist. Here’s what I got:

When War Is Unjust – John Howard Yoder “John Howard Yoder, himself a pacifist, approaches just-war theory on its own terms.”

God’s Rivals – Gerald R McDermott “In the providence of God, why are there other religions”

The Beauty of God: Theology and the Arts – Daniel J Treier, Mark Husbands and Roger Lundin “These essays illuminate for us the Christian significance of the visual arts, music and literature, as well as sounding forth the theological meaning and place of the arts in a fallen world.”

A New and Right Spirit – Rick Barger “Rick Barger argues passionately for congregations to reexamine what it means to be an authentic church in a culture where authenticity is hard to come by … as the key to congregational transformation he boldly reclaims and lifts up an ecclesiological vision of the church as a witness to the resurrection. Driven by that authentic story, the church becomes a powerful witness to God’s love for all and an effective minister to the needs of the world.”

Still interested in exploring truth, goodness and beauty from a post-resurrection perspective in other words.

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