New Year Celebrations

Well, today marks the start of my annual leave and I’m just chilling out at the moment. Our new years party finished up around 2.30am and after a blah sort of morning the rest of the family has crashed this afternoon.

The party itself was pretty relaxed. Mostly friends from church conversing over cheese, wine and beer, but there were some friends from interstate and one of our Hindu neighbours from up the road who dropped in for a bit to share what non-alcoholic drinks we had. The funniest bit however was when our elderly Buddhist neighbour from next door called my wife at 8am this morning to wish her a happy new year. Bleary eyed (from overtiredness not alcohol) my wife stumbled back into bed afterwards, chuckling at her good intentions.

Now after all that I suppose you think we saw in the new year with some bubbly? Well no, we actually welcomed it in with communion grape juice. Jamie, our pastor, noting the migrants in our community were quite open to this, held an 11pm service which many of us attended. Sure enough, we had a good turn out from the Sri Lankans and Indians. One teenage Indian girl, who i had never seen before, spoke very well when we were invited to give thanks for the year. I had never done this sort of service before but I have to admit it was good to pause in all the partying and give thanks for the year.

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