Goan Christian Art

Goan-Christian-ArtMullana Nasrarudin, a CMS missionary, found some Goan Christian art which, while not as eastern as you’d expect, is still worth taking a look at.

I am not quite sure how to interpret his one to the left. It seems to be the Son, dead, post-crucifixion, in the arms of the Father. But if you think about it, shouldn’t it feature the resurrected, ascended and enthroned Christ instead?

And what’s that on the shoulder of the Father, the Holy Spirit or a holy chicken?

3 thoughts on “Goan Christian Art

  1. I had a good look at this and liked it… it is very beautiful… maybe the artist is depicting the Father love for His Son and acknowledging the suffering… I thought the bird was like a dove symbolism or of all nature that groans and weeps for liberty from the law of sin and death… A 100 people would get 100 different insights because we project our uniquely individual perceptions onto art methinks


  2. I suppose the “projection” is what I am worried about however. Sometimes we project too much onto Jesus and fail to just listen. Consider the Klan Jesus, the Aparteid Jesus, the American warrior Jesus. They call for a certain level of iconoclasm. We each have our own perspectives, and that is as it should be, but our perspectives needs reality checking. This sculpture from India leaves Jesus as a white man yet dabbles with the core story, leaving the Father’s Son more passive than I remember him. I wonder about the perspectives behind this. Imperial maybe?


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