The Greening of Jesus

Here’s some comments on the greening of Jesus from Havard Divinity School

Yet increasingly, the fundamentalist view of climate change is losing force and is being challenged by other scientists who are equally devout in their evangelical beliefs. At Cambridge the renowned reproductive biologist and ethicist Sir Brian Heap, a self-described “open-minded evangelical,” is a leading advocate of addressing climate change. He said he had no difficulty reconciling his personal faith and scientific discovery and advocacy. “When doing my own bench research, it was clear that personal faith influenced decisions about the wisdom of carrying out certain experimentation.” He continued, “The religious foundation comes from the Christian motivation to seek the best for others…for the world we too easily damage.”

Encouraging to read. There is still a long way to go in terms of behavioural change, but its becoming clearer and clearer that the centre has shifted, that more and more Christians, including evangelicals, recognise creation care as a Christian moral issue.

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