Blogging: Can Networking Still Be Social, Really Social?

I wrote this on Sally's blog today, in reference to Twitter and Facebook, and the way these applications encourage us to spread ourselves too thin:

I'm not ducking out of them but I certainly want to refocus on blog to blog interaction. In becoming more professional the blogosphere became less social. People became less generous with linking, more concerned with maximising SEO, less concerned with friends, more concerned with acquaintances. I am feeling I went too far that way myself. Now rethinking what online community means. There is only so thin we can spread ourselves before its lost, and that's not something I want to loose.

So, at the risk of loosing subscribers, what do you think? Am I right? Are we spreading ourselves too thin these days? To save the social aspect of social networking to we need to consolidate our community networks more?

3 thoughts on “Blogging: Can Networking Still Be Social, Really Social?

  1. Yes Matt I believe we are spreading ourselves too thin these days, meaningful conversations are becomming fewer in cyberspace.
    I wonder with the proliferation of networking sites whether the netwok is even sustainable. I am off to limit and weed out my facebook profile, thanks for giving me the impetus!


  2. What I have done in Tweetdeck is create a few groups: real friends, opinion leaders and everyone else. Helps filter out the noise so real friends get the priority read. Now thinking to do that for Facebook and my Google feedreader.


  3. well i think one can get suckered into cyber senselessness so it’s discerning when one is wasting time on jumping here & there & expanding senseless friendships etc Blogs are good because they have direct topic focus. Facebook is OK because it involves realville friendships and some cyber ones that are quality I cannot b bothered with twitter etc
    Youtube, ur blog & facebook is enough 4 me & even that does me head in at times. I use ur blog to remind myself of the true focus – one to one with God – all else is worthless in final analysis. Check this song matt Ciaran Murphy rages on Has new album out soon I stay linked to some sites for stuff like his music… its quality


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