Buying Fairtrade

Fairtrade-logo Have you ever considered what it means to consume fairly? Over the last few weeks Pendle Hill Baptist Church has been participating in Baptist World Aid’s 50:50 program, which is aimed at engaging 50,000 Australian households in the blessing of 50,000 poor households.

Last Sunday the focus was on the Christian commitment to consuming fairly…

…and the fair trade movement.

So I thought I’d draw attention to some of the resources available online. The Fairtrade Labelling Organization writes, “Buying Fairtrade products is a powerful way to support producers in developing countries. Fairtrade helps workers and farmers to earn a decent living and secure a better life for themselves.”

If you’re interested in buying Fairtrade, the links below should help you.

You can also view some videos on fairtrade at Oxfam.

So, what’s your thoughts on fair trade?

3 thoughts on “Buying Fairtrade

  1. A timely post here, for we are trying to persuade a supermarket to go back to selling fairtrade bananas, they say nobody is interested… I refuse to believe that!


  2. It’s one of things where I wish the govt would do it for us – restrict entry into the country of unfairly produced goods.
    I hardly buy any goods anyway.


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