Christian Art

Are you interested in alternative Christian Art? Want to know how to find it, where to buy it, why I put the emphasis on it that I do? Here are some tips I hope you’ll find helpful.

Who can give me permission for using this Christian art?

Every now and again I get readers asking me for permission to use the art they find here in the real world, for all sorts of things like church services, album covers, t-shirts, you name it. The answer simply is, permission is not mine to give, except for those very few artworks where I explicitly identify myself as the artist. For everything else, you need to contact the artist yourself, particularly where you suspect commercial copyright issues could be involved. Where I have the artist details you will find it listed under the artworks, as I always try to direct traffic back to them where I can. Where I do not have the artist details listed, that means I am still looking for the original source too and you may have some leg work to do.

Where can I find alternative Christian art?

Well, personally I think you’ve just found one of the best sources for alternative Christian art anywhere. But I suppose you’re wondering where I find it? Well, mostly through Google Images. I find juxtaposing unusual word combinations yields interesting results. I also find social networking sites like Flikr and DeviantArt can be a good source. But it takes a lot of hard work. What you’re viewing here is the fruit of many hours of data mining. So enjoy.

How Christian is this alternative Christian Art?

Note that I do not uncritically endorse any artwork displayed on this blog. Some of it I am inspired by, some of it I am not. You need to read what I say to figure out which. My intention here is not censorship but to raise awareness and open up conversation. So if you have any questions, comments or constructive criticisms, please feel free to join in the conversation elsewhere on this blog.

Why the focus on alternative Christian Art?

Sometimes I get people asking, why, if I am interested in Christian art, do I ignore so many famous Christian artworks. The truth is I am deliberately avoiding the bulk of Christian art, particularly renaissance Christian art. Plenty of other sites already cover that territory. I am going for more of an alternative angle. I like to get people asking questions. Was Jesus a white european? Is Christianity a western religion? What makes Christian art Christian? I like to challenge a few white western conventions. So I focus on alternative Christian art. And by pushing alternative Christianity art to the foreground I am also making visual statement that my brand of Christianity is very alternative. People stumbling across the site instantly recognise it as different. It tends to attract more alternative spirituality seekers as a consequence. So, that’s the basic story.

What is my favourite Christian Art gallery?

My favourite Christian art gallery would have to be Aboriginal Christian Art as this is arguably the largest gallery of Aboriginal Christian art on the web and very beautiful and thought provoking.