Hillsong conference … and no fairy Godmother

I am feeling a bit like a Hillsong Cinderella at the moment. Christians all around me are dashing off to the Hillsong conference, and here I am, left behind, just doing the missional chores. I think I’d turn into a pumpkin if I kissed Osteen though, so maybe I best stick away. Apparently there is a simulcast on something called God TV. I had no idea God simulcasted via his own TV channel.

6 thoughts on “Hillsong conference … and no fairy Godmother

  1. About time we had a “God channel”. Meditating on scripture seems very old fashioned compared to having God speak on the telly. I’ll probably have to miss out though, because I have neither cable nor digital reception.
    I remember when I was in the Philippines years ago seeing banners everywhere… “See Jesus live at PTV4”. Missed that too… I think I flew out before Jesus’ live performance. Darn.


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