Some questions about Christian practice

How would you speak of Christian practice? What does it mean to be a practicing Christian? Most explainations I have come across leave me dissatisfied, as if something essential is being left out.

For example, in the Purpose Driven Life megachurch pastor Rick Warren breaks down Christian practice into worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and mission. That seems comprehensive enough at face value. But much is lost in his seeker sensitive approach. Where for instance is the biblical emphasis of sending out?

Another example, at Religion Facts all sorts of Christian rituals and practices are listed, practices including evangelical alter calls, catholic exorcisms and orthodox icon reading. Yet it misses Christmas, one of our best known rituals! And nowhere is peacemaking mentioned, something which was a core practice for the majority of the earliest Christians.

What is deeply disturbing is I have to dig deep to find a Christian site talking of faith, hope and love as a practice. My web surfing and reading suggests to me that our theology is overly academic, overly impractical. Where is our theology of prayer, our theology of peacemaking, our theology of Christian experience?

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