UK church used for erotic photoshoot

Erotic-church A photographer who used a 13th century village church in England for an erotic photoshoot has caused uproar in the local diocese, which has decided to sue him.

The photographer, Andy Craddock, trying his best to sound symbolically illiterate, said “I don’t understand it and I don’t see the photographs as offensive, it’s art.”

Methinks the man protests too much. More likely he was counting on suggestive dildo straddling stirring up some publicity. After all, if he had genuinely wanted to avoid misunderstandings why did he not seek permission first?

9 thoughts on “UK church used for erotic photoshoot

  1. Obviously because he knew permission would never have been granted – and for good reason as it turns out.
    However, this is as clear an illustration as you’ll get of just how little respect many people in the UK have for Christians and Christian faith.


  2. On the brighter side, for once I can appreciate the ugliness of our own church building. Less likely to be desecrated since there’s nothing beautiful about it to begin with, at least nothing that a guy like this would recognize.


  3. I wonder if the same photographer would like to try pulling the same silly unthinking stunt in a mosque, synagogue or similar place of worship.
    All this is liable to achieve is the locking up of more parish churches in rural areas in the UK. He deserves to be sued for not asking permission to use a Grade 1 Listed building, permission to use a place of worship for a photo session that almost all Christians in the UK would find objectionable and given that the UK has a law in place to prevent incitement to racial and religious hatred he is on very thin ice indeed.


  4. I was wondering what the intelligensia would say if Andy Craddock did something similar with a bald headed Buddha statue at a Buddhist monestary somewhere. In fact, I wonder what Buddha-loving atheist Sam Harris would say.


  5. they like these churches because of their goth ambience supposedly. I know one guy that took photos of this one naked girl, this guy was giving us a lecture on a workshop we were doing one weekend titled Spirituality, and he said the girl had low self esteem. He said it was not for lust or anything, but at the end of it all, she was quite impressed with the result and the lighting.


  6. No she kept the photos. They were not made public. They were just for her and anyone she decides to one day share them with or whatever. Ha ha! I can see why that one might have caused a bit of a stir. Apologies.
    I was thinking to ask you, Matt, could write a post on Science making faith redundant please. It was on a Christian History Series. Very interesting divided into 8 episodes and a friend of mine was in the Christendom/Roman Empire one. I m not saying that science would make religion redundant, but a man with your expertise could write up a storm so to speak.


  7. I didn’t see the series but I am sure I could put something together that touches on those issues. Very much a science guy myself. The book that got me into new age spirituality was the Tao of Physics.


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