Coptic-Pentecost-Icon I realize I haven’t said much on my local church lately. Hmmm. Could be because most of it is too sensitive or confidential. But maybe it’s because we’ve just been so busy that I need the online headspace. You see, with me leading mission and evangelism – as well as discipling a number of people – and my wife leading the diaconate as Secretary – as well as participating on the transition team – as we search for the next senior pastor … well … let’s just say we’re having to schedule each other in just so we get some time together. Today we reached a milestone though. The church completed stage one of the intentional interim process and we burnt up the past issues – written on pieces of paper – in a bonfire out the front. He, he, I remember when this tactile multi-sensory stuff used to be called alternative worship. Now it passes without comment. Anyway, we then had a lunch in the sun – loving this warm weather – with lots of great conversation. Love our conversations.

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