Brian McLaren in Sydney this October

I can’t keep up with it all this week. I started the evening with swapping some messages with Tom and Christine Sine about their visit to Sydney in October. Then I got to Nic Paton’s message about his new Sout project with Brian McLaren. Then I get a message from Lucy about a creative missional gathering she is organizing for October. Then I find out Brian McLaren is actually going to be in Sydney in October as well. Alright already! Enough with the October dates.

Anybody would think I had a free October – not!

Anywayz, if any of you would like to catch Brian in Sydney, you’ll find him at the The Independent Theatre in North Sydney on the 10th. Register here. Other speakers will be Tim Costello on Transformation and Fuzz and Carolyn Kitto on the Australian Missional Movements.

Postscript: Ha, now I see Dave Tomlinson is in Melbourne tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Brian McLaren in Sydney this October

  1. Thanks for the plug, Matt. I never thought I would have an event billed alongside Brian McLaren or the Sines! Hope you don’t mind if I give a bit more info… At Black Stump festival at midday on Saturday 3rd Oct, my husband Andrew and I are opening up the opportunity for any Christian creative artists to our “meet market” at the Genesis Lounge, where we’ll munch over BYO lunch, deliberate on and “creactivate” opportunities for creative arts and mission. This is connected in with the StoneWorks initiative which had it’s first summit in Adelaide in January 09. When I say mission, I don’t mean the old colonial-type, soap-box, culture-squashing stuff, but the kind of thing where artists find and express beauty and order (sometimes including angst and pain) in contemporary chaos and who nourish and expand the imagination to connect in with the ways and purposes of the God whose incarnation is Jesus Christ… transformation of the body, soul, and spirit of individuals, communities, and the creation. Be there, or be missionally square! (Sorry if that sounds a bit arrogant, but I do like a bit of fun in the hard business of pioneering in this area!)


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