Why isn’t it legal to exercise conscience?

The Centurian's Guild, a community of current and former servicemen that emphasizes the exercising of conscience in war, has compiled an interesting list of articles on the upcoming Truth Commission on Conscience in War and conservative/liberal opposition.

Though I am a pacifist and thus differ from these guys somewhat, I applaud them for sparking this ethical debate and support their call for selective conscientious objection to be recognized as a legitimate stance. I don't know about you, but I see considerable scope for pacifists and just war advocates to align against the moral relativism of total war, that is, the current status quo. Think carefully, where do you stand on selective conscientious objection? Would you fight for it to be legalized?

3 thoughts on “Why isn’t it legal to exercise conscience?

  1. Regarding Katherine’s comment:
    Cool! It’s nice to know a conference like this is taking place in my own backyard. If I had the $250 for registration and time to take off work….


  2. Katherine
    I tend to blog issues more than conferences, unless they’re local and I have some connection with them, so it would be helpful if you could outline specific issues you plan to discuss or maybe some personal reflections on why you find interfaith important.


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