Jarrod McKenna writes: “How would America’s largest mainstream Christian radio stations respond to issues of social justice for the poorest of poor, climate change, and nonviolence? Hold that response in your mind as you listen to an Australian equivalent in this interview [about the upcoming Surrender Conference in Australia].

Click here to read the rest and hear the interview.

I’m just miffed they have all the good conferences in Melbourne instead of Sydney! Talk about injustice!

3 thoughts on “Social Justice on Australian Christian Radio

  1. My wife Lucy and her friend tried to attend a Sydney conference here on the weekend. We even paid for it. But when they got there it was not at the venue where we expected it to be. There was nothing on the website to indicate where it was or a contact number to ring. Turns out it was held at some other place not referred to in the confernce documentation.
    Thyen when we finally did work out someone to ring for the next day they gave us the wrong details. I went in to town only to find an empty venue. Very annoyed because I had travelled 1 1/2 hours to get there, it was darned hot in Darlinghurst, and I had just spent the two previous days in bed to get over the flu. Again there was no one to contact. I felt that was pretty bad form considering we had actually confirmed the venue the night before for that day and already paid for something we ended up no getting.
    Not going to mention who was running it, but it did not go down well with us. Very frustrating.
    If we Sydney-ites are going to offer events which people pay for, we need to make sure that people joining in for part of those events have sufficient information to actually know where to go and attend it.
    Felt drained of my passion for the event’s focus due to the lack of poor communication of the necessities by the event managers & very miffed at paying for it and not getting my money’s worth. Will be hesitant to become involved next time.


  2. I will look out for Surrender Conference media on the radio. Presume that is Christian radio. Wonder if it is hitting Christian TV yet? Wouldn’t it be great if it also penetrated into the secular media!


  3. I can understand being miffed about this other conference. Maybe lack of experience was behind it? I’d still ask for a refund if I were you.
    As for the above link, yes it was Christian radio. No idea about Christian TV since I don’t get it.


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