Western Sydney Discussion Group

Well, I piloted a new Western Sydney discussion group last night and, since it went very well, I’m now going to be opening it up to a wider audience. Basically the group is being run along similar lines to my blog, in that we’ll be discussing all sorts of topics and allowing for disagreement and differences in the discussion as long as everyone treats everyone else with respect. Uncivil people get summarily whacked, Zen style, with large foamy impliments. This will be open to Christians of all flavours, including complete heretics, and non-Christian of whatever flavour. If you like Pizza and creative thinking that would also go in your favour. Gatherings will be monthly on Sunday afternoon. If you’re interested or would like to know more feel free to ask more.

9 thoughts on “Western Sydney Discussion Group

  1. Sounds lovely!
    Good thing, I’m not there. I wouldn’t wait for people to be uncivil before brandishing the large, foamy implements. I’m far too mischievous to leave such implements unused. 😉


  2. You’ll like this too then Jarred. Since the first talk was on science and spirituality, instead of a talking stick we had a talking toy monkey named Darwin to toss around.


  3. Just for reference, at the first gathering we discussed ‘science and spirituality’, at the next the group decided to explore ‘why is the world so messed up if God is supposed to be so good’. You’d be most welcome, and feel free to bring friends too. And note, I want to slip in some of beauty, art and imagination at some point too.


  4. Hey Matt
    I’m currently attending a faith community that meets two Sunday arvos a month, so depending which day you meet I might be interested. Where in the west are you meeting?


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