My dopplegangers are running riot

Okay, this is getting twisted. Last week a Matt Stone was arrested as a Christian terrorist. This week another Matt Stone has erected a denum and plastic phallus outside the Museum of Christian Art in Holland, as an act of homage to the Hindu god Shiva. For more read Penis-mad Dutch bomb the Christian rubble and Museum of Christianity prolongs phallic art show.

2 thoughts on “My dopplegangers are running riot

  1. Well Matt, I can sympathise with you a bit regarding your doplegangers.
    In my own case:
    – a Louis L’Mour outlaw who is quite heinous called Andrew Park and gets shot or hung (can’t remember) by the main hero after some indiscretion with his lady friend
    – a famous Christian musician (don’t mind being mistaken for him)
    – a well-known conservatively aligned public servant (I am far more left wing)
    – countless Korean Andrews with the surname of Park (I even got asked if I was Korean by a person at my gym and I look nothing like an Asian!)


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