3 thoughts on “Has the Jesus reconstruction industry deconstructed?

  1. Worth reading with the other 2 articles by NT Wright and Craig Keener responding to the question “Should we abandon studying the historical Jesus?” in the same Christianity Today magazine.
    NT Wright argues “No, We need History”
    Keener argues “No, we need to stay in the conversation”.
    So basically, they are both arguing that even though scholarly attempts to discover the real Jesus might ultimately fail, we should nonetheless not give it up for various kinds of good reasons.


  2. Absolutely. Research into the historical context of Jesus has yielded much we can chew on. The idea we can “reconstruct” Jesus apart from the New Testament maybe dead, but historical research can still yield insights into the New Testament and Jesus.


  3. I agree with them that historical research is still valueable in many ways. The Dead Sea Scrolls and other discoveries have shed much light on the context of ancient Christianity, which in turn aid New Testament interpretation. That this quest to reconstruct an independent portrait of Jesus has proved futile should not discourage us from historical exploration altogether. What the failure should do however is prompt some humility amongst the champions of the many mutually contradicory reconstructions.


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