3 thoughts on “The Unburned Bush

  1. Can now see the picture. Maybe looking at it with my computer at work had something to do with it.
    Immediately think of the singing bush in the 3 Amigos, or of Monty Python-ish images of bushes preaching when imagining this.
    Yet, God did speak to Moses out of a burning bush.
    I suppose I would respond a bit like Moses did. Quite surprised, maybe a bit sceptical and wondering who was playing a practical joke using ventriloquism on me, look for the hidden speaker box, but once I finally became convinced it was actually God I reckon …. well to be really honest I don’t know how I would react to it all. I’d like to be able to say all the good religiously correct stuff everyone expects like “worshipfully”, or “joyously” etc. But I reckon I would most probably be awestricken and speechless in amazement, “ask holy shit is that really you” [not meaning any disrespect by using the word “holy” or “shit”] OR…..???? Well I dunno, how would you react?


  2. Hmmm, must be some compatability issues. Picture okay my end. How about when you click through to the source?
    As for the bush, well I’ve experienced God ‘speaking’ to me through other events and aspects of his world so this strikes me as more of an extension of that than something totally unprecidented.


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