Ethics class will have to find its own teachers

The ethics class trial has taken an interesting turn with media announcements this week revealing that, “The long-term viability of ethics classes in NSW schools is at risk following a departmental ruling that prevents full-time teachers taking the classes … This ruling would bring the ethics classes into line with the rules governing teacher involvement in scripture classes. It would also place the burden on parents or other groups supporting the ethics classes to finance the teaching of them statewide.”

6 thoughts on “Ethics class will have to find its own teachers

  1. This seems like a reasonable turn of events, yes.
    Of course, I also find myself shuddering as I wonder who might step forward to take on the classes.


  2. No. To be honest, I don’t follow Dawkins & Company that closely. What little I’ve heard doesn’t really interest me, nor does it entice me to listen further.


  3. Laughs, yes, I can only handle him in measured doses. Fundamentalists take a lot of energy.
    You know, I’d find it interesting to have a religious roundtable on ethics – with monotheists, pantheists, polytheists and atheists – to explore the differences and commonalities in a spirit of mutual learning.


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