The Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church

If you’re interested in glocal Christianity, that is, exploring emerging expressions of Christianity in globalized locales, then I’d recommend reading the latest Out of Ur interview with Mark DeYmaz. It’s entitled, The Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church, and explores the fact that diversity isn’t just a social issues, it’s a biblical one.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mark, here’s the blurb: “Mark DeYmaz is the founding pastor of Mosiac Church of Central Arkansas, author of Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church and co-founder of the Mosaix Network. Mark’s recently published second book, Ethnic Blends, addresses some of the unique challenges faced by multi-ethnic churches. Urthling, David Swanson, spoke with Mark about the theology and challenges of multi-ethnic ministry.”

2 thoughts on “The Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church

  1. A bit disappointing, in that there was not much theology there, and it was very American-centric. I expected something on the THEOLOGY of the multi-ethnic church to say a bit more about the theological challenge to the “homogeneous unit” principle pushed by McGavran and others.


  2. Steve, I have a copy of Mark DeYmaz’s “Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church” and he does spend more time building a multi-ethnic theology and challenging the Homogenous Unit Principle in that. Still very American-centric but hey, he’s hardly unique amongst American authors in that.


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