Horrific tales of sex slavery

The righteous care about justice for the poor,
but the wicked have no such concern. 
– Proverbs 29:7

Should we care? Care enough to act? There are 27 million slaves in the world today, some of them even in Australia and America. Do you care enough to join the abolitionist movement?

Here are some simple actions you can do:

  • Get informed
  • Buy fair trade
  • Write to your MP
  • Join an action group
  • Tell your friends

Help these kids by doing what you can. Pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Horrific tales of sex slavery

  1. I went looking for a breakdown of the 27M figure. Apparently 24M is Asia, mostly on the subcontinent. (http://www.freetheslaves.net/Page.aspx?pid=375)
    Presumably this means 1%+ of the population of India are slaves. I wonder in what states, and whether the government is unwilling or unable to enforce laws there? If unable, do they need help from outside parties? If unwilling, will international cricket teams consider skipping those states when they tour India?


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