Religion in the News

Some news articles that attracted my attention this week:

Solomon’s Temple in Brazil“One of the world’s largest and most controversial Pentecostal churches has been given permission to build a $200m (£130m) replica of Solomon’s Temple in Brazil’s economic capital, São Paulo.” I can’t help thinking of what Jesus said, “I tell you that one greater than the temple is here.” (Matthew 12:6)

Benny Hinn reportedly romantically involved with televangelist Paula White “Reports this week suggest a still-married Benny Hinn is now romantically involved with Paula White, another television preacher with a colourful past.” Well, what can I say? The guy had snake-oil salesman written on his forehead.

Young Salvationists hear call to tackle human trafficking “The head of Women’s Ministries in The Salvation Army USA has called on more than 1,000 young Salvationists from around the world to join the fight against human trafficking.” Great to see more and more people waking up to the human trafficking issue worldwide.

The high price of being a Christian in Pakistan “The last two months have seen an intensification of the level of discrimination and persecution against Christians, particularly women and young girls. Kidnap, rape, forced marriage and forced conversion to Islam have sadly become everyday occurrences.” Very disturbing.

3 thoughts on “Religion in the News

  1. I meant it about the contents of the articles. How the first two articles were about people with a more prosperity gospel approach and the last two were about Christians suffering (opposite of said gospel) or engaging in the depths of human suffering.


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