Raptor Jesus went extinct for your sins?

Okay, so only a few of you have heard of Raptor Jesus? Let me enlighten you then. Raptor Jesus is a 4chan meme that involves crudely photoshopping raptor heads onto Jesus bodies. The meme is popular amongst New Atheists and other critics of Christianity.

Here’s one example:


For more examples see  Raptor Jesus Art. I suspect the meme evolved from a similar meme involving Jesus and dinosaurs.

Jesus-and-dinosaur As you’d expect, or maybe not, a mock-mythology has arisen around this, about the long-prophesied Second Coming of Raptor Jesus and of his adversary Satanasaurus Rex. The prophets of Raptor Jesus cry, “Repent, sinners and slow-moving herbivores, for the Velocirapture is upon you.”

Of course, the velocirapture should not be confused with Catnarok, which is more of a lolcat thing.


10 thoughts on “Raptor Jesus went extinct for your sins?

  1. Hi, where did you find your art for the galleries? I would love to use some of it but am concerned re: copyright —


  2. Mary giving birth to a raptor – isn’t that reverse evolution?
    Does this imply that someone made a serious mistake and instead of being `raptured’ we’re gonna be “raptored” instead?
    At 56, and having spent most of that time in the faith I sometimes feel like a bit of an “old dinosaur” at times when mixing with the youngies in the church.


  3. Cynthia, I dredge a lot of it up from Google Images, DeviantArt and social networking. Unfortunately it can be quite hard to identify the original artists at times. I’ve found however that I generally don’t have problems so long as I acknowledge the artist where possible, refer on requests to purchase where possible, and update contact details immediately if artists make a request. As I tend to focus on more obscure art, most of them frankly appreciate the publicity. The key question of course is what you want to use them for. If it’s just to raise awareness and share on the net I see few issues, but I wouldn’t recommend going beyond that.


  4. If any one of you would read the Bible you would know Noah is in the Old Testament Jesus in the New. So how would he have ridden a dinosaur from the Old Testament days? Read people you may learn something!!


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