A Democracy of Hypocracy
by ~goldilox8264

A Democracy of hypocracy
Is where I reside
It seems whatever we do
We’re on the good side

We’re the land of the free
With standards and laws
We all must be perfect
And hide all our flaws

The home of the brave
Where cowards all hide
Behind big explosives
And a sense of false pride

We’ve been lucky so far
Or that’s what I think
We’ve gotten by (barely)
With a smile and a wink

We’re vain, gold diggers
And we live off Burger King
We’re asshole, selfish jerks
And we laugh at everything

I refuse to believe
That this is where I’m from
I need out, I must leave
Canada, here I come

2 thoughts on “A Democracy of Hypocracy

  1. Yeah, the last line pretty much rubs it in. Yet our democracy has often trod in lock step with the others. Indeed might democracy positively demand more hypocracy than dictatorship? Tell us what we want to hear so we can like ourselves!


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