Pagan Jesus Art


Here’s a paganized Jesus image I found over at

Not sure who the original artist was or the precise intent, but it’s interesting to note how the Jeses of this image has been completely decontextualized from any possible New Testament reference.

My initial interpretation is that it seems to be suggesting that Jesus is a manifestation of the Horned God, with the sacred arcana replacing the sacred heart.

Obviously I see Jesus as much more than one half of a divided divinity, but I’d like to hear your interpretation.

5 thoughts on “Pagan Jesus Art

  1. I think there’s a good research project in there for someone. Need to look at maximum size to. Once you’ve decontextualized him as thoroughly as this the facial hair becomes all important.


  2. Hi Matt,
    This is why we should be spiritual. Even the devil is misinterpreted as a horrible one, which in fact he is a beautiful being. Horn could also mean power. But what else we can do, that’s art.


  3. Oh, yes, I should explain. The horned God of Wicca should not be confused with Satan.
    Religion Facts puts it this way: “The male God of Wicca is known as the Great God, the Great Father or, most commonly, the Horned God. “Horned God” is a modern syncretistic term that combines similar gods from a wide variety of pagan traditions. The archetypal Horned God is based on, among others, the Celtic Cernunnos, the Welsh Caerwiden, the English Herne the Hunter, the Hindu Pashupati, the Greek Pan and the satyrs, and even the Paleolithic cave painting “the Sorcerer” in the Cave of the Three Brothers in France. There are also a number of related British folk figures, such as Puck, Robin Goodfellow, and the Green Man. In Wicca, the Horned God is associated with hunting, strength, and virility. His imagery is of a man with horns or antlers. He is often portrayed with an erect phallus, a symbol of the power to create life. Another symbol of his sexual prowess and virility is the occasional presence of cloven hoofs or the hindquarters of a goat. With the Great Goddess, the Horned God is part of the duality that makes up all reality.”


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