Shalom in Salem

I stumbled across an article on Phil Wyman in Salem: Christians, pagans compete (gently) for Salem’s souls. It was quite favourable despite the non-Christian authorship.

Isn’t this a beautiful quote: “It was not Christianity as I was used to it, which was someone with a sign on the street, yelling at you,” said Alario, who is now a Christian and attends The Gathering. “I went in to argue with them, but they were basically just very relaxed. They were asking me what I thought and believed. As I shared, I got to thinking: what do I believe?”

2 thoughts on “Shalom in Salem

  1. It is a pretty good article. The “no war being started in the name of god by any witch” part made me wince, though.
    I’d also be curious to hear your thoughts on the following quote, especially the first sentence (false dichotomy?):
    “I’m a Christian, but I still have that spiritual side, too,” Lambert said. “I believe in God, but I also believe in spirits. I’m fascinated by the whole season of witches, the October season. … People always look for answers.”


  2. Jared, I no longer wince. Maybe I’m getting jaded. False dichotomy? Absolutely! The comments say more about the limits of her own experience than anything else. Only yesterday I was reading Wild Hunt Blog where Jason was commenting on the resurgence of exorcism in Catholic Christianity. Hardly a sign of a waning interest in spirits! I could go on to speak of the resurgent interest in angels and Christian mysticism. The deistic moralism Lambert alludes to in her experience is far from universal. Indeed, many Christian leaders have insisted that religion and spirituality are mutually reinforcing, that religion without spirituality is dry and unsustainable and spirituality without religion is flacky and unsustainable. Personally I prefer to speak of neither Christian religion nor Christian spirituality but instead of Christian discipleship. For, as I understand it, authentic discipleship involves both an active prayer life and a publically active life. Monotheism is a much misunderstood teaching. It does not involve a denial of spiritual agencies other than God.


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