Shifts in world religion

Latest research on world religions indicates / confirms:

  • Christianity remains the world’s biggest religion
  • Islam is catching up
  • Non-belief is now in sharp decline after enormous earlier gains
  • Hinduism is rising slightly
  • Buddhism is declining slightly
  • Chinese folk religion is the biggest loser

Key quotes:

“Australian religious trends of rising agnosticism and declining Christianity contradict most of the world”

“Where a century ago most Christians lived in Europe and North America, today most live in Africa and South America.”

“Christian Research Association director Philip Hughes said the rise of communism in China was responsible for the loss of Chinese folk religion, and the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and China had led to a sharp decline in atheism. Both Christianity and Islam were growing fast in China, where the huge population meant that whatever happened there had a significant impact on global figures”.


3 thoughts on “Shifts in world religion

  1. in 2012, it is the beginning of the end of god religions (he his him kingdom man humanity etc) and coming to a close now, if you do not walk it, and just talk it, you will not withstand gods wrath.


  2. I’m not sure how serious to take you here calm angels. Are you suggesting:
    (a) That the masculine God you suppose YHWH to be is a self loathing deity who’s become wrathful at men for emphasizing his masculinity?
    (b) That God is coming out as a Goddess with a bad case of PMS once the tides turn sufficiently?
    (c) That self consistancy is unimportant to us because we’re all idiots anyway?
    If 2012 heralds the end of “God religions” as you call them, how can you posit God as the central character?
    P.S. Just for the record, in my view to speak of Jesus as the “incarnation” of God says much more about God’s character than God’s gender. Or to put it another way, the divinity of Jesus is not measured by the size of his penis. You seem to be reading a lot into my faith that isn’t actually there.


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