Editing out Reality

Have you read Christianity Today’s latest article about Secret Millionaire? I was bemused, but also a little angry. Why is it that the media are only interested in showing Christians behaving badly? Why is it that, when Christians are behaving generously, the media edit out their Christianity? Only interested in force feeding people stereotypes? So much for “reality” TV.

5 thoughts on “Editing out Reality

  1. While I certainly sympathize with you, I also hope this wasn’t your first clue that there’s rather little reality to be found in “Reality TV”….


  2. No, the daughter of one of my work collegues went on a reality TV show recently as well and was subjected to the ‘Scary Mary’ treatment. You wonder what sort of society we’re creating though, when with all this information at hand so much misinformation dominates.


  3. Wow, that’s a fascinating image Kalessin.
    I think there may an article in looking at this from a systems perspective, that is, in how cultural systems and worldviews self-reinforce even in the face of conflicting evidence. In challenging people to drop reified stereotypes we are actually asking for a paradigm shift, which is a bigger ask than we often realise.


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