Religion poisons everything … except the English language?

This evening I find The Christian Post has been quoting an article from Vanity Fair in which Atheist author Christopher Hitchens “pays tribute” to the King James Bible.

Thinking I’d check this “tribute” at the source, I found it half way through a Hitchens ramble on Bible translation history. Hitchens states, “Though I am sometimes reluctant to admit it, there really is something “timeless” in the Tyndale / King James synthesis. For generations, it provided a common stock of references and allusions, rivalled only by Shakespeare in this respect.” 

I note, however, that the tribute is paid to the style more than content. Yet, even so, it would seem that here the English language we have finally found something Hitchens admits has not been poisoned completely by religion. Too bad the King James Translation is one of my least favourites. I’m sure that identifies me as a complete pleb.

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