See the commercial deemed too controversial for screening in cinemas. NCM Media Network have explained they turned down Compass Bible Church from advertising it’s Easter services in Orange County because they … shock, horror … mentioned Jesus! The church is suggesting this is somewhat hypocritical given he’s mentioned perjoritively in movies all the time.

6 thoughts on “Is this Easter commercial offensive to you?

  1. I wonder if said theatre (or media group) was willing to play The Passion of the Christ?
    I found the ad to be sort of tacky and silly and somewhat offensive to my faith. But then most things that Christians do in the name of “outreach” I find offensive, so that is not surprising.


  2. They forgot the “someone else was crucified that looked like him” reason. I don’t think it is offensive. It wouldn’t even occur to me to be offended or think this was really radical.


  3. It’s not offensive, It’s just addressing missconception’s that have been interduced as fact.This is a FREE country and we shoud be able to speak, and broadcast the name of JESUS CHRIST.


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