Islam the most searched for religion


According to Google Trends the most searched for religion in the world is Islam.

Not surprising you say. I guess not. But take a look at the margin!

Where are the other religions you ask? Judaism came in equal with Hinduism at the bottom of the chart and the rest were much lower.

2 thoughts on “Islam the most searched for religion

  1. Hi Matt – this is interesting, but doesn’t your graph show Christianity and Buddhism as coming next after Islam?
    The stats may just show that more people know (or think they know) what Christianity is than they do Islam!


  2. I expect a lot of the traffic relates to political commentary. I don’t take it as saying anything definitive about which is the more liked or respected or practiced. Merely that which is the more talked about. By this measure it would seem Islam is the most ‘impacting’ religion of our age, by a considerable margin, but not necessarily for the right reasons.


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