Towards a differentiated faith

A reflection from my counselling class Thursday evening:

Differentiated faith involves neither enmeshment with tradition (mere religion) nor detachment from tradition (mere spirituality).

2 thoughts on “Towards a differentiated faith”

  1. Love this, Matt. Very much resonating with what Scot McKnight says in his “Praying with the Church” book, which I found so very helpful.
    As with so many other things, it is not yes/no, black/white, either/or … the life of faith is a balancing act … it is a dance — so I’ve heard :^) ….


  2. Balance is important (see Deuteronomy 28:14). It’s why I prefer to speak of ‘discipleship’ in preference to ‘spirituality’ or ‘religion’ as it is commonly understood. Rootless ‘spirituality’ often ends up shallow and superficial. But ossified ‘religion’ often ends up disengaged from life and culture. What’s missing in both is differentiated relationship.


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