I am not sure who the artist was here, but I am sure you’ll agree the image quite obviously paints Obama as the Messiah.

Did it come from an overzealous Democrat? Did it come from a peeved Republican? Did it come from someone just laughing at the messianic histeria surrounding Obama’s election? I have no idea. But the messianic bubble has sure burst. The world has seen he offers no peace other than the Pax Americana. We’ve seen that the left hand and right hand of empire both clasp the same weapon.

2 thoughts on “Obama as Messiah [Image]

  1. Yep, I think it’s the same weapon alright. And apparently there’s a common mental illness condition prevalent in this wild world of ours…
    Heard a very eloquent, insightful and cleverly humorous address by Fatima Bhutto addressing the Sydney Writers Festival on Radio National last night. She made some incredibly interesting comments on the relationship between the USA and Pakistan, Osama’s recent demise, and observations on the “international community” using the overall metaphor of “nervous breakdown”…
    For a podcast, try this link


  2. That’s one of the things that is strange about US politics and culture. The rhetoric of Democrats and Republicans differs enormously, but the reality is exactly the same.


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