3 thoughts on “Jesus on Mars?

  1. I read “To Your Scattered Bodies Go” (#1 in Riverworld) in high school, though it was a kind of resurrection-in-reverse as the title indicates. But Malacandra lives, it seems.

    265. Christ in the Universe
    By Alice Meynell  (b. 1847)
    WITH this ambiguous earth
    His dealings have been told us. These abide:
    The signal to a maid, the human birth,
    The lesson, and the young Man crucified.
    But not a star of all
    The innumerable host of stars has heard
    How He administered this terrestrial ball.
    Our race have kept their Lord’s entrusted Word.
    Of His earth-visiting feet
    None knows the secret, cherished, perilous,
    The terrible, shamefast, frightened, whispered, sweet,
    Heart-shattering secret of His way with us.
    No planet knows that this
    Our wayside planet, carrying land and wave,
    Love and life multiplied, and pain and bliss,
    Bears, as chief treasure, one forsaken grave.
    Nor, in our little day,
    May His devices with the heavens be guessed,
    His pilgrimage to thread the Milky Way
    Or His bestowals there be manifest.
    But in the eternities,
    Doubtless we shall compare together, hear
    A million alien Gospels, in what guise
    He trod the Pleiades, the Lyre, the Bear.
    O, be prepared, my soul!
    To read the inconceivable, to scan
    The myriad forms of God those stars unroll
    When, in our turn, we show to them a Man.

    Isn’t that right, Doctor?


  2. I know science fiction authors love to dream of alien Messiahs but I’m always inclined to ask, how is the distance between Jerusalem and New Guinea qualitatively different to the distance between Jerusalem and Alpha Centauri? If the particularlity of Jesus is a problem for the latter, how is it not also a problem for the former? After all, New Guineanian natives had no access to the gospel for the better part of two thousand years! If a multitude of Messiah’s is needed in the heavens, were they any less needed here on earth? Why then have we not seen them. One could imagine an interesting spin on the Fermi Paradox.


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