2 thoughts on “99% is a lumpy number

  1. In my own go at a 99% Manifesto (http://www.humblewonderful.blogspot.com/2011/10/99-manifesto.html) I don’t identify with the 1% but neither do I think the 99% is one amorphous whole. I am quite comfortable; about the middle of my society which probably puts me closer to a global 1% than the majority.
    I do feel alienated by the purchase of political processes and public spaces/institutions by people truly far wealthier than me so I have a sympathy for the anger at the 1% BUT any movement which only recognizes my oppression and not my privilege isn’t telling the whole story.


  2. Yes, there are apparently 7 billion stories, and still counting… I had to laugh a couple of years ago when I applied some of the qualifying criteria to the privileged 1%… 1. having superannuation (yep, but it’s more likely 6 months of retirement and then a suicide pact with my husband – joking of, course, but only about the suicide pact AND that’s not taking into account any continuation of international financially ruinous trends for people like us); 2. having a university qualification (purchased by the blood of indebtedness to the government who once provided free education of which I was too young and stupid to take advantage when it was available); 3. owning a motor vehicle (it went to the scrap heap – literally towed away after it died subsequent to thousands of dollars of repairs which we wouldn’t have been able to afford without generous donations from a benefactor)!!!
    Actually, I am VERY grateful to live in Australia, and VERY aware of the privileged status that this location has provided. My situation has miraculously (I believe) improved since I measured my situation against the above criteria… which doubly proves the grace of my geographical and ethnic “factorage”. In gratitude, I involve myself in charitable enterprises in various capacities… always trying to remember to give of my time and person, not just money, the latter of which has historically in my experience been frequently in short supply… and remarkably short supply at times…
    The wealth I have most experienced has been in spiritual, personal, creative, political and many other varieties of freedom that equally worthy human others could only dream about. For all such grace-provisions I am more than grateful.


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