Occupy the Temple

Been collecting some Jesus versus Moneychangers images:

Occupy Xmas - Jesus and the Disciples in an Occupy Drum Circle by Sudeep Johnson

Source: kwokpuilan.blogspot.com


Source: mentalpolyphonics.com


Source: samuelsotillo.com


Source: Quickmeme.com

Can’t help noticing the emphasis on style over substance in much of what I’m seeing. While the occupation of the temple and the challenging of the money changers may superficially resemble Occupy Wall Street, I think Jesus himself was a wee bit more articulate, and cooler in the more original sense of couldn’t give a damn about style and status.

3 thoughts on “Occupy the Temple

  1. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen these until just now. They are absolutely hilarious. But, yes, you do make a good point—Jesus was way cooler than the Occupy Wall Streeter that we have today. But you still did give me a good giggle, so mission accomplished (I hope!). Thank you for sharing!


  2. This is a very interesting topic especially when you consider that the “catholic” church is collectively the worlds third largest property owner and the vatican bank is also an influential player in the worlds financial system.
    And then there is the Queen of England, the titular head of the world-wide anglican church. Technically and legally she is by far the worlds largest property owner. All of which (outside of England) was stolen from the original owners.
    How much property does the world-wide anglican church own/


  3. I know you’re fishing John but you’re using the wrong bait. Identifying with the Radical Reformation as I do, I merely note that my adopted tradition parted financial company with the Catholics and Anglicans hundreds of years ago. So there is no guilt by financial association where this blog is concerned. Indeed, it could be said that my predecessors are almost half a millenium ahead of Adi Da in challenging the financial practices and power politics of the Vatican. If you seek to see me squirm you need something more targeted, that applies to my tradition instead of other traditions, or more generic, applying to the Christian movement as a whole.
    In fairness to the Catholics though, being the largest denomination in the largest religion, should we be so surprised they have the largest property holdings? More interesting would be a per capita figure. As for the Anglicans, I think it’s a stretch to make them responsible for all the sins of the British monarchy don’t you? Should I blame the wife for everything the husband does wrong?
    Irrespective, it is not the church we worship, it is Jesus. Therefore, what I would like to keep in focus is the way of Jesus. Is what Jesus said against the moneychangers right in your view? Or was it too much? Or not enough?


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