Fishing for Christian News

I thought I should share a few Christian voices I’ve been reading.

  • Archie Poulos has some words to say on time poor congregations and members. I am wondering if I should read this too closely given my own time poverty, in spite of my efforts to simplify my work, home and church life.
  • Ted Grimsrud from Thinking Pacifism asks, Is God Violent? He critiques Brian McLaren for forgetting about theologically conservative pacifists, echoing some of my own thoughts about theologically conservative pacifism in War and Peace: Six Different Responses. If you liked my article check Ted’s out too.

2 thoughts on “Fishing for Christian News

  1. Reality Itself, Is The Truth Itself, Is The Beautiful Itself.
    God IS The Beautiful.
    But where and how will The Beautiful Itself manifest?
    How much beauty can be found in the film by Mel Gibson The Passion of Christ?
    Zilch I would suggest.
    And yet this unspeakably vile film was at the time regarded and promoted as a powerful missionary tool for communicating the “good-news” about Jesus.
    For what? Certainly not Beauty.
    Someone being systematically beaten to death in graphic detail is “good” news – or beautiful!
    In one way or another the above film was closely associated with the world-view promoted by Opus Dei, which via the deliberate systematic machinations of Ratzinger now effectively controls the “catholic” church. The cultural ramifications of this takeover are described in the latest book by Matthew Fox titled The Popes War Against the Church.
    Would anyone who appreciates and promotes The Beautiful practice what is described here?
    I think not.


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