Meet Adi Da Samraj, founder of Adidam. This is the teacher that John, a regular critic here, would have us believe is morally superior to anything that Christianity has to offer. Decide you yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Adi Da Samraj: Source of Enlightenment?

  1. My oh my Matthew, you have scraped the bottom of the barrell here!
    There are hundreds of video and audio clips by and about Adi Da available on the internet, and you chose this one!
    That clip is a classic example of how the GOTCHA tabloid media works. Deliberately designed to press all of the buttons of anti-cult prejudices of its target audience. With quite literally everything taken out of context.
    That time period was also the time when the Rajneesh organization collapsed, helped along by the theatrics of Ma Sheela.
    But why not check out this references which addresses the alleged abuse incidents, including those of Beverley O’Mahony who later freely retracted her allegations.
    And why not listen to the voice and testimony of those who have been touched-at-heart by Adi Da’s Presence in their lives, and/or His sheer genuis. This site features dozens of such testimonies by devotees, and high profile professional public people too.
    The Adi Da Upclose site presents a detailed chronicle and explanation of Adi Da’s Life and Teaching
    And this reference which introduces a book titled Love and Blessings – The Divine Compassionate Miracles
    But of course according to your logic all of the people associated with the above references, and me too, are just deluded brain-washed “cultists”!


  2. John, I was merely mirroring your own approach back at you. Now, can you see how it feels? Are you willing to drop the GOTCHA approach yourself? Or is “do as you would be done by” too much to ask for?


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