When singleness is faithfulness

“Many singles are the people most committed to Christ and yet most vulnerable in the culture and in the church…If you wanted to be married today you could be…If you had no criteria, no real guidelines, or no moral standards to speak of…Anybody who doesn’t have any standards can get married…Singleness for the right reasons is not a matter of fate but of faithfulness, and we need to see it through the eyes of the Lord, who honours those who honour him with their whole being.”

– Douglas Webster, How God Shapes us Through Relationships

Great quote don’t you think? I came across this through Sarie King’s article, Singleness: Not fate but faithfulness, which I thoroughly recommend you read in full. While not single myself, I have a number of friends who are and I think it’s appropriate that their faithfulness be celebrated. Indeed I find myself disturbed by what I see as a distorted view of relationships in Protestant churches. Growing up Catholic I had issues with mandatory celibacy in the priesthood. Now as a Protestant I find I have issues with their equal and opposite tendency: mandatory marriage. We should celebrate faithfulness in every form.

2 thoughts on “When singleness is faithfulness

  1. @Matt:
    Great post.
    My wife and I were just talking about this today. I think many believe that you must be in the marriage metaphor to understand its truth about Christ and the Church. Not true. We see it all around us whether we are married or not. I pray that the Lord helps the unmarried in our local congregation see that their spiritual gifts and service to others have little to do with whether or not they are married.


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