Holy Spirit Fire [Art]


Sorry folks, as you may have gathered I’ve been rather silent the last two months.

Combination of things really. More reading, less access to the laptop while my wife has started up studies again, diversions elsewhere, writers block and belated realization that I’m suffering from depression.

I’m working on the latter now.

So, to finish on a more optimistic note, here’s an image called “Holy Spirit Fire”. I have no idea who the artist is as I can’t read the signature but I knida like it.

3 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Fire [Art]

  1. I kind-a-like it, too!
    Welcome Back to the blogosphere, Matt!
    Apparently a lot of people in the Southern Hemisphere feel quite BLAH in the middel of the year… winter for us, and end of financial year is a strain for some folks.
    I’ve been quite “high” since returning from Jerusalem!… lotsa new projects on the horizon… am sure to blog about them soon


  2. Love the picture and the mysterious, beautiful life of walking with the Spirit. It’s definately not easy but is the most amazing journey we could ever take.
    Keep blogging – look forward to more!


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