3 thoughts on “Is it always bad to cause offence?

  1. And He replied “Every ministry not in line with the vision statement will be disbanded. Ignore them, they are blind, and if a blind woman leads a blind woman, they will both fall into the pit.” (Matthew 15:13-14 WHB)


  2. Not sure how I missed this post….
    The short answer to the titular question is “no.”
    Unfortunately, the phrase “the gospel offends some” has been used way too often to excuse unnecessary and inappropriate (in my opinion, at least) offensiveness and mean-spiritedness.


  3. Maybe it is… Maybe causing offence is bad. If you can justify the bad of causing offence, stirring up trouble, or starting arguments then fine go ahead. Sometimes bad things can be justified too.
    However if causing offence isn’t bad then it doesn’t even need to be justified. It’s Ok to do merely because you believe you are right.
    Hmmm, I think I’m somewhere in between these two positions. I think I’m somewhere between the Daoist praise of non-interference and the Christian pitting of “parent against child” and rejoicing that Jesus brings a sword etc.


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