Surely, if God could be revealed through words alone then God’s incarnation would not have been necessary.

That the Word become meat and bones (John 1:14) carries the implication that words are not enough for transmitting the way, the truth and the life.

I think then, the wordiness of the Evangelicalism needs to be questioned. The medium is intimately tided to the message; it has always been God’s intention that the communication of grace  proceed from communities of grace.

Therefore, let us love our enemies in action and truth … not merely in words and “in our hearts”.

2 thoughts on “Words are not enough

  1. Roman Catholicism teaches that Roman Catholics don’t “get” all the knowledge and certainty they need to know about what God has said from the Bible, and so that is where Roman Catholic Sacred Tradition steps in and takes over to make it all understandable for the pitiful inept RC’s, and cunningly turns God’s word into the aberrant teachings of Roman Catholicism.


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