3 thoughts on “God in the Gutters

  1. Reminds of the old time story which goes something like this:
    Someone knocks on the gates of heaven and is given the question “who is there”. The person gives an answer which describes his or her self.
    God therefore answers no you cannot enter into “heaven”.
    The process continues via several rounds until the person answers “it is only you” – thereupon the gates of heaven spontaneously open.
    Which is to ask who is either going to “raise” or “lower” their presumed self – the same self is behind or doing the same strategy.


  2. It sounds to me that Frederick is coming at it from a pantheist perspective – denying any distinction between God, the self and other selves. This is not my own view. I think there is an important distinction between raising oneself (dominating others) and lowering oneself (serving others).


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