“In the particular case of Gregory of Nyssa, it should be possible to arrive to a Christological goal (telos) from the theological principle (arche) of apophasis. The studies of this thesis assume that such sequence is possible and existent in Gregory, and that this is the very sequence that, once exposed, at once exposes also the inner coherency of Gregorys’ Trinitarian and anthropological thought. The basic assumption of this thesis is that before we can use any key into Gregorys’ thinking, we first have to identify the right keyhole. I suggest that the keyhole is Gregorian form of apophasis, based not on negations but on what God has revealed of his essential nature: its unknowability and infinity.”

– “One Word, One Body, One Voice: Studies in Apophatic Theology and Christocentric Anthropology in Gregory of Nyssa” by Ari Ojell

Though this essay is a bit long winded, I found it thought provokingin the way it explores the synthesis of Christological and Apophatic awareness in Gregory of Nyssa.

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