I have discovered that you Christians are good infidels

For the title of this post I choose a quote from “The Missing Peace of Evangelical Missiology: Peacemaking and Respectful Witness” by Dr. Rick Love. He writes:

“So how should the mandates of peacemaking and evangelism fit together? The biblical foundation layed in this study, along with the poignant stories from Nigeria and Indonesia demonstrate that peacemaking and evangelism go hand in hand. There should be a congruity between our message (the gospel of peace), our mandates (peacemaking and evangelism), and our manner (the irenic way we carry out the great commission) We preach of peace, we work towards peace, and we imitate the Prince of Peace.  This approach to obeying Christ’s last command elicits particular urgency since the challenge of peace between Muslims and Christians is one of the defining issues of this era.”

One thought on “I have discovered that you Christians are good infidels

  1. I liked how the humble “cup of tea” approach was mentioned in peace-making activity. The “cuppa” features strongly in indigenous culture… many a prickly issue has been discussed and hostilities “disarmed” over a “cuppa” and a good “yarn” (discussion).
    So much more civilised than violent confrontation. I am sure it is possible to find a mutually acceptable beverage to share in genuine hospitality… real people in real time discussing real issues. It might take some time and effort, but it is definitely more respecftul and life-honouring than religously arrogant war-mongering.


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