Kells living creaturesThis is a question I posed earlier today on the Pagan and Christian Moot on Facebook:

I know I am not the only
one here who has noticed the parallels between the four living creatures of
Revelation 4 and the watchtowers of Wiccan ritual. Phil Johnson first drew my
attention to this in conversations on the tarot and I’ve been fascinated by it
ever since. Could this be a conversation starter for different perspectives on
sacred space?

I ask this because I have
long been bothered by the phrase “interfaith conversation”. It’s because of the
Western association of “faith” and “doctrine”. I can’t help noticing that many
interfaith conversations end up focussed on doctrinal issues, on what different
people from different paths “believe”. Leaving what they “feel” and “do” under explored.
Yet I feel ritual and experience are just as important to explore here as
doctrine and interpretation

Well, here is what my sons
and I did and experienced the weekend before last. They asked me if we could do
home church. The kids program is in recess for the school holidays so I said,
sure. I chose Acts 2 as a focus and used that to explore what it means to be a
church, what it means to gather in the name of God. As part of this we broke
bread together and offered our lives to God. And what looms large in the lives
of my kids? Video games! So in setting up the table I invited them to surround the
bread and the cup, which represent the living Messiah, with elemental Skylanders.
Four of them in fact.

The kids were excited and
enthusiastic about this. In the process we reflected on how, for us, Christ is
the centre of the cosmos, not us and our everyday concerns. How living as
Christians is the ongoing experience of entrusting our lives to God through him.

So, you’ll no doubt notice
some muddiness here. Was this distinctively Christian?

But maybe, before rushing
to analysis, open yourself to the other parts of yourself. Give your
imagination, your intuition, your experience of liminal spaces some place in this
conversation as well.

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