Do You Believe in Jesus?

Do_you_believe_in_jesus__by_jw_jeong-d5erkdq“Do You Believe in Jesus?” by JW-Jeong

I was taken by this critique in particular:

“What this piece speaks to me is the sickening state that modern western christian culture is in; where sermons intend to do no more than to satiate and encourage the self-obsessed consumerist worldview we’ve had spoon fed to us from our earliest years of cognizance. This culture is a religious one in every sense of the term: the very ideology that assumes that the sporadic participation in vain traditions merits a sense of piety which one can use to both patronize others and blind his or herself to personal imperfections and struggles.”

3 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Jesus?

  1. A fine post and a graphic image, Matt. I’ve been blogging on Statements of Faith today: usage and abusage. I’m left with a couple of critical thoughts – the absence of a living, breathing Jesus and the disfiguring narcissism that demands our hired hands look and sound just like us. Considered alongside our bloated consumerist culture it’s a deadly combination.


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