Godless Gatherings: Churches for Atheists

Fascinating video on Godless Gatherings. I hear folks like this are being dubbed as “New, New Atheists”. I find myself asking, “How can this expand our understanding of the religious impulse?”, “What exactly is emerging here?”, and “How might this co-option of church style prompt further evolution in Christianity and our understanding of Christian community distinctiveness, particularly in contemporary and post-contemporary evangelical quarters”. What a world we live in eh? Western Buddhists, Eastern Christians, post-institutional Evangelicals and now church-planting Atheists. What can I say? It looks paradoxical at first glance, but does that just mean we need to expand our imagination?

One thought on “Godless Gatherings: Churches for Atheists

  1. We need to expand our imagination. Nothing is fixed any more, in any institution, thank God, Matt. Most people I know are creating pick and mix faiths, using elements which ‘speak to their heart’. Paganism is on the rise, and Jeddi was listed as a religion in the last UK census!
    If we want more people to know Christ and become Christians, then we must role-model his radical values and behaviour. Love your neighbours as yourself (especially your enemies!) Part of the problem is that the media concentrates on the fundamentalists, (of all religions), but we can choose to quietly model Christ’s behaviour. I’ve found that that works best, when the church has caused so much unnecessary suffering.


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