Dare to Imagine

imaginationI was reflecting this week that many of the problems the church currently faces in Australia stems from a lack of prophetic imagination. In the process I was drawn to these comments by Matt Litton in his article, “A Call for the Christian Imagination“. He writes:

“Imagination is the groundwork of progress. It is the blueprint of joy. Before we climb a mountain, we must be able to imagine ourselves at the peak. Before we write a book, we imagine seeing our name printed on the cover. Before we break an addiction, lose weight or get out of debt, we imagine that change as reality. God has given us imagination so that we can envision the possibilities in between who we are today and who we were made to be, between the world in its fallen condition and a world where all inhabit life to the fullest.”

“I think we bury ourselves deeper in joyless captivity and the world grows a bit darker each time we let these moments, realizations and imaginative revelations slip by without acting on them. On the other hand, people who live lives of meaning and fulfillment and real joy are those who are willing to take action when they notice something about their world that misses the mark.” 

May we not only stretch our imaginations, may we dare to act on them.

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